Thursday, 28 August 2008


My dream house, I wish...Emin says's when ever I come home from a good holiday I mope about sighing aimlessly. The Island was very beautiful and only Kitty was keen to return as she always gets very homesick. I can honestly say this place is wonderful, and after a week you just never want to go home. The climate is perfect. clear blue skies not too hot at 27 degrees daily. The whole Island was beautiful with just the one hotel.

Many gardens had these lovely columns which line the roof gardens and courtyards. The island does get it's fair share of rain so it was very green and lush.

Beautiful flora and fauna.

A new hat. I did not pack much and did begin to miss some parts of my wardrobe. I took bright colours but actually the sartorial feel of the place is nautical stripes because of the Marco Polo influence. It is rumoured that he was born a few islands further up. My favourite " I want that" was a red and cream heavy Jersey cotton striped skirt, heavily gathered calf length. Sadly n a woman not for sale. The best dress I saw shopping was so tiny the size L did not even fit Daisy. It was a navy and cream stripe wrap dress. Sometimes life can be sooo unfair.

fabulous pomegranates. I saw a lot of these as well as olives, apples, pears and grapes.

The chapel.
Perched high on a hill was this beautiful little chapel in the islands only cemetery. All the graves seemed to get regular posies placed on them.

All the old doorways were a beautiful green. It was apparently the only colour other than white they were allowed to use.

This beautiful church rang it's bell on the hour and every half hour, by hand, I grew to love the sound and looked forward to it everyday.

Old rooftops.

A view of the hotel, which was a series of tall houses so that it blended in to the scenery.

More delicious pomegranates. We have eaten some really lovely food over the 2 weeks. I particular the seafood was amazingly fresh and well cooked. I did miss my mugs of tea however. I never drink tea abroad because different water makes it taste strange, so I stick to coffee. I also missed marmalade on toast. The local jam was horrid. Oh and the wine was delicious too. Both White and Red which they drink with ice. I was particularly enamoured with cherry brandy which they mix with white wine like a Kir.

The pool and bay at night. The seas was better than the pool the only draw back was it was littered with Sea Urchins.I managed to swim most days whilst the girls preferred to lark about in the pool. I have a handsome collection of Sea Urchin shells wrapped and ready for school.

The ferry, being on the island you lived your life by the ferry timetable. It went to two other islands plus Dubrovnik. 4 times a day.

The view from the boat on the way to the island of Kolocep.

The view from here.
Well it very nearly did not happen. We had checked in online so I did not rush, more fool me. The train we caught to Gatwick stopped outside of London Bridge for 50 min's before moving again. 30 min's later and we would have missed our flight. It was points failure, and what made the wait worse was that other trains were moving around us, so ours was the only train delayed. I have never been so close to a mental breakdown, ever, although I am frequently the last one to arrive this cut it too close for comfort.
I had a massive Migraine for 2 days after we arrived. Lelya and Kitty bickered non stop for 2 weeks but the facilities were so good they managed to entertain themselves for most of the time. I saw a lot of crap DVD's in the evening as well as a couple of good ones including Little Miss Sunshine which we all enjoyed. I read a lot of books (well a lot for me) and generally unwound. We kayaked round the island which was exhausting but gave us some spectacular views
The holiday was wonderful. I have a few more photos of Cavtat and Dubrovnik to post later, but for now I am washing and putting away clothes ready for my return to work on Monday.


La Belette Rouge said...

Welcome back!! You were missed. Thanks for sharing a bit of your lovely vacation with us. It sounds like heaven, save the migraine.

More details about the delicious food please.

materfamilias said...

Good to have you back again -- I've missed you! Great photos -- looks like a beautiful, slow-paced spot to relax (as much as one can with family). I, too, always miss my morning tea when I'm on holiday -- it's one of the things that always makes me realize that I'm not terribly adaptable.
We had the church bells in northern Portugal as well -- I love those kind of soundscapes.

lotusgreen said...

i loooooove that door