Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Sod's Law

In a nut shell Sod's Law is lighting up a cigarette and then watching your mother come round the corner. My sister tried to hide her habit well into her thirties, so that if we were at a loose end waiting for mum somewhere she would light up guaranteeing my mum would arrive the next second. It worked nearly every time. Thankfully she finally gave up last year.
For me Sod's Law is to be caught without something to read. I read obsessively, others listen to music on trains, planes and buses I read. Newspapers, books, magazines. Agony for me is to run for a train and forget my book. Sods law will mean that the train is delayed or gets stuck in a tunnel. I know I should just enjoy the view, but it is often a view I have seen many times. Last week I went to meet the girls off the bus from Oxford. I rushed into W.H.Smith grabbed a magazine and went to wait. Only to bump into them as I left the station. What a waste of £3.30. The magazine was so awful it defies belief. I now know why, since reading various blogs I have a much better understanding of how magazines work and the hurdles that are jumped over just to get them on the shelves. So the whole advertisement, editorial ratio often means the same dress seen again and again. This year it appeared to be that red Alexander McQueen number.
The same designers get a huge amount of exposure, whilst others languish unseen. Last night I was able to trawl through the various 100 or more ready to wear collections on the Elle web site. So many clothes with so little exposure, at least the web gives them a window. Whereas before they would have had nothing. Blogs too are very good at highlighting designers I have never heard of, and I suspect/hope that the credit crunch may get us away from the aspirational bag and into smaller labels. We shall see.

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