Monday, 11 August 2008

Where is the handbag?

I caught the end of You've Got Mail last night, New York looked wonderful. Meg Ryan's clothes were lovely, but where was her hand bag?
I have just emptied mine to wash it for the holiday and photographed the contents, above is the absolute minimum, it does not show the camera or newspaper that I cannot leave the house without.
Yet Meg Ryan happily skips around with just a key, no purse, lip gloss, zilch, sounds liberating but I could not do it.

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materfamilias said...

The contents of my purse looks something like yours -- and I can't understand people who don't have reading material at the ready. If I'm in the city with Pater, I will occasionally enjoy the freedom of a very small purse or even just distribute key and lipstick and card to various pockets -- then get him to carry other necessaries in his "manbag." Then I feel a bit naked or bereft, though, although my shoulders are even for once;-)