Thursday, 7 August 2008

Victor and Rolf

As a child I had a few old prewar dolls, mostly bald, probably second hand from an auction. but for some reason I liked the solidity of them so I never hankered after a Tiny Tears or other more synthetic creatures. Later instead of a Cindy or a Barbie I chose a Daisy Doll which was endorsed by Mary Quant. The clothes were super trendy but I tended to make my own which gave me far more pleasure. I very nearly studied fashion instead of textiles but bottled it at the last minute. I still do not know why since I was consumed by a love of fashion from a very early age. But something felt wrong so I switched and went to Camberwell instead and the rest is history. I love the idea of making dresses for dolls rather than the dolls themselves which I perceive to be a bit unsettling. The dolls in the exhibition were great and a wonderful way to illustrate the clothes.

Photo and lots of info from here
My favourite collection. Each collection has a wonderful story behind it, but this one I would love to wear. I am developing a bit of a 'thing' for red shoes The most elegant woman I have seen for a while at the Tate Modern was elegant in black, but the outfit was lifted by a pair of red ballet flats. Today again I saw a similar aged woman with wonderful loose black trousers and jacket worn with a wonderful pair of Red Think! mules it worked perfectly.

photo from here

Again as a small child we travelled across Europe and spent a long time in Holland. I crazed and crazed for a pair of clogs and finally on the last day my parents caved in. I did not take them off all day, by the end my feet were in agony. There is no breaking in wood, bruised and sore I put them away only to be made to wear them the next day at my Grans so all my relatives could see me prance around wearing my new exotic foot wear. Never again. This painful memory came back to me when I saw these beauties. Wood and high heels. It makes foot binding look like a less painful alternative!

The House of Victor and Rolf on at the Barbican
Fabulous exhibition.


La Belette Rouge said...

1. I am one of those people who is freaked out by dolls and clowns. I find picture #1 a little creepy and I know that is my own issue.
2. Love red shoes!!!!
3. My grandmother brought me back wooden clogs from Holland when I was 10 and I wore them with absolutely everything--much to my mother's horror. I don't remember there being foot pain. I just remember the joy of my my mother's horror.

Footwear said...

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