Sunday, 10 August 2008

Virtual coat shopping

Roksanda Ilincic £1,060
from Net a Porter
Completely and utterly my favourite, It only comes in sizes 6-12 and the 12 was sold out! I think the blocks of colour would be very slimming.

Poltock & Walsh £600
I love the girlyness of this, probably not the best shape to throw over a cardie though.

Lainey £1,620
This awesome beauty could be mine if I oops forgot to pay one teeny weeeny mortgage payment. Cashmere and just sooo totally snugly. Would not fare well in the rain, but I guess if you can afford the coat you probably do not go outside much.

The cheapest and the most practical I love the patch pockets and the shape is lovely too.

See by Chloe £520
all from Browns
Last night I played fantasy coat shopping. Surprisingly few choices even when the budget is unlimited. Some of the prices are eye watering, and yet all cost less than one of my monthly mortgage payments. Oh the price of bricks and mortar.


materfamilias said...

I got a wonderful coat last winter from Creenstone, a Dutch company -- have you checked out their offerings? They've got fabulous styling details but they're also surprisingly practical. Plus mine was under $900, so much more affordable even than your best buy here.

auntiegwen said...

I like the Poltock and Walsh one but why are we looking at coats in the summer?

It is summer isn't it ?

indigo16 said...

Materfamilias, I always check out your recommendations but we seem to have so little of what you have over here, I am back in Germany and Belgium this Christmas so will have a look then.
Gwen when you are a chunky monkey like me XL sells quicker than a blink of an eye, so sadly I will be buying on my return.
Summer, what summer?

materfamilias said...

I found the Creenstone a bit hard to Google for, but they seem to have it online at something called House of Fraser which, by the pricing seems to be UK.