Monday, 20 October 2008

Freize Art fair

Mother and I
The following photos were taken by me, many are fragments of larger pieces of work, they are my own viewpoint.

Simon Evans
I love the London Underground map and this was a very beautiful collaged piece.

Richard Prince
You will see a reoccurring theme, I love text and I seem to have enjoyed the lack of colour in many of the exhibits.

Udomsak Krisanamis

Melik Ohanian

Liz Craft

Jim Lambie

Jim Hodges
This very much reminds me of my garden at the moment, we have lots of very thickly spun webs with very butch spiders sitting in the middle of them.

Herbert Hinteregger

Giuseppe Penone

Gabi Trinkaus

Dryden Goodwin
fantastic photographs, the red ink is text.

Dave Muller
If I could have bought one thing, this would have been it. My favourite piece.

Cildo Meireles

Christina Iglesias

Saturday I went for the dress and jacket combination, it was perfect if a little warm.
I had arranged to meet mother at 11ish to have a coffee before going in. At 10.15 the phone rings.
Mum "where are you?"
Me "waiting for a train"
Mum "oh great, well I am already here now, the bus just whizzed in, how long will you be?"
Me "I said I would be there for 11ish and that is when I will get there, go and have a coffee"
Mum "how am I supposed to know there is no traffic? I suppose I will just have to wait, I bet you are late and my phone is on low battery..."
Me "I will be as quick as I can"
I get there just after 11 I queue up for a coffee.
Mum "you will have to get a coffee from somewhere else I need the toilet and theirs is out of order"
I am now very irritated, I am left with crap Costa or shitty Starbucks but I do as she wants, I get one to go (it is shit) and start walking.
Mum "why are we walking in the shade? look it's sunny over the there"
Me "it is also packed with very lost tourists trying to work out which queue to join for madam Taussauds, we can cross over in a mo'"
Mum "well I have sat and read my bloody diary from cover to cover, next time phone me when you leave and I will leave then, I am so tired of getting here early and always having to wait"
Me "fine"

When we get there the place is much much bigger than I had anticipated and would you believe it, you can take photos, so I now have a very irritable mother waiting for me to write notes and take photos talking ten to the dozen and guess what? my bloody camera battery was flat. My cup runeth over with joy.
Memo to self; next year go on your own and charge the battery.

P.S I should point out that my mother has always been pathologically early and it has been a constant source of misery that neither I or my father and one of my sisters, is or ever will be early or on time. For me time is fluid and if I find my self waiting, I will sit and read. I never leave the house without music or a book, if I do I will go and buy a paper then bin it if necessary. What I find so irritating about my mother is she will always project her irritation on to you and make out that because she has waited you must have arrived late!

To know her is to love her.


La Belette Rouge said...

I am pathologically early too. But, I promise to be a little late when the day comes that I get to go gallery hopping with you.

I admire you that you can do art and mother together. You are a better person than I am. I could never even look at an art book with mine.;-)

Anonymous said...

That art is so beautiful, I saw about 4 pieces I would love to own, including your favourite. Your story about your mum, is such a typical mother story, it made me smile with the familiarity of the situation.

miss milki said...

Aaah! Mothers! Can't live with them can't live without them! My mother has no interest in art which has in the past caused its own tension but at least I'll never have to drag her along to an art exhibition.

Love the pieces you've picked out - wish I could go!

seth said...

Great selection of photographs. Thanks.