Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The view from here.

I watched this at the weekend. What a lovely film, I have had a run of good luck lately with films. I have a very limited choice from my local library, so I get to see very random films that I would not normally choose. The location for this film was beautiful, and it was beautifully filmed as well.
Check out the trailer here

Yes, I got another one, It was a bargain at £32, especially since a similar Jigsaw one went for over £60, which is not much less than it would have cost new. So it seems that the more obscure brands are cheaper but far better in terms of quality and style. I did see a couple of Mulberry scotch grain bags go for £60 but as this is my mothers bag of choice I do not want to go down that road yet!

This bag is actually much lighter than the red one and easier to use, so this one will now become my 'school bag' The red bag is so beautiful I may just frame it instead. Daisy has her eye on it too as she loves it's retro look.

I am feeling quietly smug that I have found rich seam to mine, I am watching a couple of smaller ones I can use for the very occasional evening I go out.

The Saturday supplements were full of Sonia Rykiel knit wear. I had not really looked at her shows before but I realised that the knitwear was really luscious, It could almost make me want to knit! I said almost...

Finally This too had slipped past me unnoticed, but what beautiful fabrics from Christain Lacroix

I am timetable lite this week as my year 11 students are out on work experience, so I am going to try and tick some of those 'must see' exhibition boxes.


materfamilias said...

I love those actors and will make a note of that film.
Another great bag at another great price -- clever you!
With your eye for colour, design, textures, etc., you'd be a natural knitter -- come on, join the club . . .

La Belette Rouge said...

On first glance, just based on the name and the look, it makes me think of the "Ice Storm". Did you see that? Great movie, I think. I am adding this to my Netflix cue. Thanks for the movie tips.

Love the new brown bag. You are on a roll! And, le sigh to the Sonia knits. I would love to have just one of her luscious knits. Hmm, perhaps I will search on ebay and see if I can find anything.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting jealous of your bag collection now! I love Lacroix (but I can never say the word without hearing that Absolutely Fabulous episode in my head, Lacroix darling, Lacroix) he has such a lush and strong vision.

indigo16 said...

materfamilias I am ok knitting wire and carrier bags but anything neater is just beyond my remit!

La Belette Rouge I remeber Ice Storm coming out and my sister saying she cried and cried, she told me not to watch it as it was too close to home!

cybill Yes the Ab Fab connection is what stops me from looking too, I had forgotton he was actually a very good designer, Jennifer Saunders has a lot to anwer for there.

I must say that I am quielty smug about the bags, hence the showing off! I like to see it as spreading the word.