Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The last of Kew

I have noticed a theme or strand running through many of my photographs. Water. I have a real love of reflection, on land gets replicated by my other love which is shadows. It's like I am always chasing ghosts. I rarely if ever photograph people, I find landscapes too ethereal and I never feel that what my eyes sees is ever reflected through the lens.
That has left until now still life. I have over the years tried many versions but again I have never realised my intention. This has not been the case with my photographs of water. the images never let me down, I am always pleased, if not quietly impressed by the results.
I have always felt at peace next to or near water, I used to think it was the sea I wanted to be near, but actually I prefer still water, the water of lakes and lochs or quiet streams. If you were to drop me blind folded into a city with no map and then take away the blind fold I would instinctively walk toward the water. When I think of places I have loved to stay, Sweden in particular they are united by their proximity to water.
The Red Sea one of the most incredible places I have been, it gives you one of those visual memories that you can revisit over and over, creating that 'happy place' we all need.
So I think I need to round up my favourites and maybe then print some of them properly for a change.

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materfamilias said...

If I were nearby, and you put together an exhibition of your photographs, I'd be there in a flash (with chequebook!)
I love that lowest photo -- the spathe (?) in the foreground with its wonderful red striations.
And thanks for your kind words about my recent (very amateur) photos -- I might even follow your advice and get them printed.