Monday, 13 October 2008

Pilar Corrias

Corrias is a striking-looking 39-year-old. Blonde with big brown eyes, she has a sleek dress sense: when we meet she's wearing towering black patent-leather stilettos and a printed silk-jersey dress, set off insouciantly by a pebble picked up by one of her sons and threaded on to red string.
Her eponymous gallery opens this week, just north of Oxford Street (to coincide with Frieze Art Fair - the fashionable Regent's Park showcase of contemporary art, now in its sixth year). There are only four other female gallery owners of note in London - Sadie Coles, Maureen Paley, Victoria Miro and Alison Jacques. 'I've no idea why,' says Corrias. 'There are plenty in New York. It doesn't make sense. Gender really shouldn't have anything to do with the job, but it is macho in the art world and there are more male collectors than female.'
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If I had not drifted into art college, but rather thought long and hard about my options I think I would have either gone to Cordwainers to study shoe design, then become a super famous orthopaedic shoe designer!
OR become an Über chic Gallerina. Why did I not think of doing this? what an idyllic profession, still I can always thread a pebble on a piece of string instead..


La Belette Rouge said...

I once worked in a gallery and was paid so poorly that I don't think I could afford a stone and a string to string it on. I do wish I could have been a Über chic Gallerina. Or, I would like to be Nigella Lawson or perhaps a ballet dancer. All the dreams that shall not be.;-)

hollarback said...

Agree whole heartedly. Only girls with trust funds/rich daddies can afford to work in galleries. I was all for it until I realised that I would have to stop eating and living in a dwelling on what they were paying.

I'd want to be a jade jagger type and just fall into a profession - able to change it daily if need be....sigh

indigo16 said...

I guess I took the pragmatic approach. But yes would that my uncle was a Fonda what could have been....