Thursday, 17 September 2009

Freddie Timms

I do not normally buy House and Garden but when I saw these paintings I had to had to have it. The are buy an Australian artist called Freddie Timms and they are just spectacular. My favourite is the last one.
I could not find much about him so being lazy I scanned the pages instead. How about the apartment for a bit of lifestyle envy?
I am having so many problems trying to post you would not believe it. We have tiny intermittent breaks in the wireless connection that mean it is impossible to load images. On top of that I have to wait till Kitty is in bed then I have to type in the pitch black, since her lap top is attached to a monitor. Hence the misspelt header on the last post.
I know I take a lot for granted, but this week has been ridiculous, we are soon to enter the next decade of this millennium and we have to endure conditions of the last century in terms of Internet access. Emin, Crown Prince of IT is so utterly crap (yes I do hope you read this) that with all his supposed knowledge he has to have 30 feet of cable draped across the house so He can get a continuous connection. It is times like these I hate him more than ever. Nothing like a bit of harboured resentment for a harmonious household!


shallu001 said...
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La Belette Rouge said...

I hope that your internet starts behaving. Life without internet makes me very cranky. I go from weasel into rabid she-wolf. Not pretty.

What is pretty is that apartment. I love the look of mixing modern and antiques.