Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The view from here

I am so lazy that as Kitty has gone out to meet a friend and left her laptop on I just carried on her user area. Only for some strange reason she has 5, yes count them. 5 tool bars. It is like trying to view the page through a letter box. Why does anyone need 5 tool bars?

On Sunday I finally watched The Wrestler, what an unsettling film that is. It insidiously crawls under your skin. I keep getting flash backs. Watch the film and then look out of the window, we have it good my friends, we have it very, very good. Whilst I believe Micky Rouke is a strange and slightly damaged person he has always been mesmerising on the big screen. He holds every scene it was like rubber necking a car crash.

I whooped with delight at all the awards Little Dorrit scooped up at the Emmy’s I told you it it was bloody brilliant and I was not alone. What always tickles me is when you go to the official Emmy's website they list all the writers involved in nominated shows. The gulf between us (UK) is immense, some of our shows have just the one writer, most American productions run into double figures. Mad Men appeared to be the exception. Oh that won too. Did I tell you I was one of a lucky handful of Brits who tripped over episode 1 of series 3? Apparently it was a BIG mistake on their official website to allow this!

My timetable this year is split into week A and week B. Week A (this week) is a complete nightmare, back to back lessons with very little in the way of non-contact. Week B is a slice of heaven, loads and loads of planning time and mostly the easy peasy upper school. This second week is now my painting week.

I had to take Daisy for a check up at the skin clinic in our local hospital. 3 very l-o-n-g hours later she emerged sans a mole on her chest and an mysterious lump on her arm. This had bizarrely been caused by an insect bite that was turning into gristle. Mmmm.
Add to this heady mix a house full of poorly people. In particular Emin who is managing to turn a head cold into full blown man flu.

But… I am happy because:
· I made to the gym 4 times last week
· I have found a lovely pair of gym pants, Reebok, but don’t let that put you off, they have a perfect soft fold top with a draw string so no builders bum there then and they have draw string at the bottom of the legs thus keeping them dry when it rains.
· The weather has been a delight
· All my paperwork is up to date
· I have a ticket for the Anish Kapoor evening on Friday
· I will be dining at CafĂ© Anglais on Saturday
· I will be shopping on Saturday as it is PAY DAY


La Belette Rouge said...

I didn't see Little Dorrit. I am not sure how I missed it. I have my Tivo set to catch all Masterpiece theater.

I am happy to see your happy list. Happiness seems to be going around our corner of the blogosphere.

p.s. I envy your mother. I am in love with Oxford as of late thanks to Inspector Lewis. It is shot so beautifully. The cinematography is lush and the scripts are surprising. I don't always know who-doneit and I and I like that!

materfamilias said...

Your Week Bs sound marvellous -- it's all Week A all the time here, but at least now I'm almost 1/4 through the term!
Hope you'll share the results of your painting at some point.

4 times to the gym in one week? Bravo!! The shopping reward will be well-earned.