Thursday, 24 September 2009

Sunny Side Up

Paul Smith from London Fashion week, sublime colours and stripes. I loved it.
The rest of my day was not quite so sunny. This morning marching to the station I was suddenly enveloped by a HUGE spiders web. The web was so big and strong it did not break at first just crackled and then stuck to my face. My first thought was FUCK if that is how big the web is, how big is the bloody spider? Then I thought shit what if it is in my hair?
I was in public so I collected myself looked down and there it clung to my scarf, dazed and confused. I prised it off and finally coaxed it back to a shrub.
I get home tonight and Emin says to me " Did you see the size of that spiders web this morning? It was HUGE I stepped onto the road to get passed it,!"
Gee thanks Emin, thanks for taking that bullet for me....not.


materfamilias said...

Fabulous, fabulous stripes! Right up your alley! Too bad we don't have the money we deserve, right?
Take care with those spiders and their webs -- I'm dodging them here as well. They must be trying to get well fed before winter.. .

La Belette Rouge said...

I have an obsession with hair in top knots. So I love this post for reasons beyond the sunny stripes.

Happy to hear that you didn't have to dance the Tarantella! And tisk-tisk to Emin.

LPC said...

Makes me think of that spider incident in Lord of the Rings. You could have been bound and paralyzed...

Anonymous said...

fab inspiring colours!

just found you by chance (how?? oh yes, am searching for good supplier of striped jersey fabric and your visit to maritime show in greenwich came up) and am feeling cheered on a wintry day. will visit more often.