Thursday, 3 September 2009

Surf Widow

Surf Widow
Originally uploaded by theviewfromhere indigo16
Now on Flickr, the first set of images from St Ives.
I loved this project, it was considerably harder than it looks. I had to be directly behind the woman,I tried not to have too much around them.
Humans must have a sixth sense because the amount of times they would turn around and see me and then move was amazing.
Nevertheless I had a 70% success rate and I love this set


materfamilias said...

Alison, this is wonderful, wonderful work! Truly, you need a show of this! Although it's been many years now, I spent so many hours in the position you've captured. I've only looked through the slideshow once, but I'll go back to notice the nuances of wave changes, sky changes, sand, etc., But it's stunning how much unity there is in the repetition of that figure, how we mothers all occupy that position of vigilance right at the border there -- I could go on and on . . . Love it!

materfamilias said...

Back to say I've posted about this, borrowed a photo (hope you don't mind -- let me know if you do and I'll take it down) and linked to you and to your Flickr site. Plus hinted that you might sell me a photo or three . . .

La Belette Rouge said...

This is a fantastic project. The pictures are gorgeous. I would love to hear what inspired it and how the women reacted when they say you. I like that you included the one where she was turning back.

indigo16 said...

materfamilias, thank you so much. I do enjoy seeing them again, especially as a set.
It started because I would just stand for what seemed like an hour this gave me a pleasurable distraction. Strangely more men appeared on the sunnier days, speaks it's own story. Women also stand in a much more fixed way as if their whole body is fixed on just their children. Men stand in a far more relaxed way.
You only have to let me know any image you like and I can email it to you so you can print a copy for yourself.
belette thank you too luckily I never got completely caught a beach is great cover as you can pretend you too are taking photographs of your kids in the sea!