Friday, 11 February 2011

Cindy Sherman does not wear COS

There was a reason for this exercise believe it or not, it was to help some students work out the scale of face they would need to print and wear for a project, I thought it would be fun to see if I could assume another identity, I took this photograph of Sherman's face last week, the glare is from the reflection on the window so it is not perfect. I now realise I should have made the face bigger as it just fails to hide my hair and hideous neck, but the skin tone was good though.
The COS thing was not conscious until Thursday when I realised that I had not worn any COS so far that week so I decided that maybe Cindy did not like COS!


I love this Uniqlo skirt so much, worn with a heather coloured jumper from Toast which was heavily reduced in the sale a few years ago. I rarely wear it as it hardly screams Yohji does it?


Finally I decided to wear the Isabella Oliver dress layered over the Uniqlo spotty top it worked quite well but one reason for not wearing the dress more is it is difficult to layer over as it is so gathered however this cardie (very old) from Linea did and although only thin silk I was just about warm enough


I had not really got the hand of twisting my 'face' round to the front hence the crap photograph, I again l-o-v-e this Gap dress this time worn with another very old Linea Cardie both this one and the one above have a lovely shape, I would like more quirky cardies like this but in recent years Linea have failed to do anything interesting at all.


Quelle Horreur, I have photoshopped this and will do so more often just for the fun of it really, the top and cardie are both lovely together, but NOT with those trousers, I obviously have a slightly longer body than I imagine because the top kept riding up. I have hardly worn the Zara
trousers because they are a little too snug on the calf so ride up my leg everytime I get up from the computer so I end up looking like a Freemason.


This is actually quite a nice outfit, only the top rode up before I realised, hence the strange silhouette plus I should have worn a better bra with it, the top is from The White Company worn over some ASOS jersey trousers.
I am hoping to get to Kew gardens tomorrow to take some arty farty photographs. They have some kind of orchid celebration going on and I LOVE orchids.

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materfamilias said...

What a fun idea! I feel quite sure Cindy would approve.
Love that acid cardigan -- and I really like the proportions you're getting with the dresses.