Thursday, 3 February 2011

Nearly missed it

This John Stewart exhibition was due to close last week but miraculously has been extended as the publicity machine finally kicks into gear to alert everyone of its existence, the reason I missed it was it is on at TristanHoare a gallery I have yet to hear about and being miles to the west is it any wonder? I had already earmarked the John Stezaker collages opening at The Whitechapel and despite the galleries being at opposite ends of London they were connected by the Hammersmith Line, except they are not because the Hammersmith Line is closed on Saturday, instead I will walk up from Holland park with my camera and pray I get some half way decent images. Check out his still life images, they are lovely, and yet another artist who has waited until he is a nonagenarian to get an exhibition.

Once again it is already Thursday, I have had a roller coaster week work wise, I rarely discuss work, I never intended to use my teaching source material for this blogand rarely do, however various events this week have really pissed me off, but by looking forward I am already putting them behind me.
I was approached by a senior teacher last Friday to tell me I was getting an inspector to evaluate a lesson, she announced that she was sorry to 'ruin my weekend', obviously she didn't know me very well as the last thing I care about are lesson observations. I duly put it to the back of my mind, then Monday came and went, I was side tracked and suddenly it was the day of the inspection, no lesson plan and then my train was cancelled, now I was panicking a little, but I still had an hour (or so I thought) and boy can I type fast when I want too! So just as I hit the second paragraph she arrived with the suit, They had told me the wrong lesson, instead they observed a lesson I co teach and in the end I gave up any pretence of performing and let him do his worst. We still got a 'good' farcical really but what really got my back up was he criticised the girls lack of specialist vocabulary. I was speechless now, gormless twat man in a suit sits down and tries to engage girls from one of the poorest Medway towns and wonders why they clam up! What a FOOL. Everything that is wrong with teaching all neatly wrapped up in a pinstripe suit.

You cannot judge a lesson like this, no other profession gets this treatment why do we?
Rant over

Or is it, because then I lost it with my year 13's who I have sweated blood for and given on a plate as much as I dare without crossing the line and still they give me a metaphorical finger by failing to complete coursework or attending organised studio visits. I did get an apology this morning from one of them, but sometimes I wish we could go back to letting the little fuckers fail.

Kitty is also preying on my mind having read her most recent report about her Dyslexia, I feel saddened that school work is such a struggle, I help as much as I can but would it kill her bloody art teacher to help her too. I am now faced with redoing an entire project that she gave up on because of his idiot apathy, bloody teachers.

Finally Leyla asked what an idiom was? My perplexed face gave the game away and so I had to research and realised my conversation is peppered with them!! If I had a Pound....

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