Friday, 4 February 2011

Wardrobe Watch

Having bragged sometime ago about having a teaching room that was heated, it promptly broke down, 5 week later and something maybe being done about it. So it has been back to wrapping up as warm as possible whilst trying to circumvent looking like a caterpillar.


This dress is an old friend, close to 'not owing me a penny', worn over a long sleeved thermal and under a cashmere cardie
Dress COS
Cardie George @ Asda
Pumps Peacocks
Necklace EB for Debenhams

I forgot to mention I made it to Tabio last Saturday to see if they had some of those lovely patterned knee hi's, I'm a stealth shopper, I like total anonymity, only through gritted teeth will I smile and say good morning, but after that it's a case of 'back off bitch' and leave me alone.
I hate people that follow you and ask not once, but twice, if you need help? If I need help I ask, but after untold years of shopping I already know the answer, "NO", "if we have it, it will be on the shop floor", So very rarely will they say "wait, let me look" and even rarer when you are my size in shoe and body do they come back with my size. Another shopper made a mistake and took the bait and asked if they had her size and guess what "NO".
I wanted these in black but I just knew the answer, so after studiously ignoring her for 10 min's I decided to go with the red, which is just as well as I love them. Now finally I can wear my billy bargain trousers from the sale. Now all I need are the bloody loafers.
Trousers COS
Jumper Next
Socks Tabio
Necklace Moi
Shoes naturalizer


Finally it dries up enough to wear some wide leg trousers, and you get to see my new necklace, plastic I'm afraid but lovely all the same especially with this lovely top.
Trousers White Company
Necklace Edwards & Todd
Pumps P F fliers


A bloody shambles, I actually previewed this before I wore it, so no excuses, but after half a day instead of working any kind of BCBG V Preppy, I felt like a dogs dinner, just wrong, wrong, wrong, meme to self "stop with the frump".
I have had this skirt for 3 years, yes, 3 years, but never worn it! Why? Because it was heavily reduced in Toast but when I got it home there was a small essay of care instructions with so many 'do not's' I was too scared to wear it. Toast fabrics are notoriously fragile, I have seen them sell stuff you can't dry clean let alone wash, how's that for sustainability? I thought I would wear it for best but being brown that was never going to happen and so it has languished unloved, yet I do like it. In the end I decided to mix it up with grey and blue but the proportions are all wrong.
Skirt Toast
T-Shirt COS
Cardie Muji
Necklace Toast
Shoes beautifeel


AKA 'give up' Friday, This week my train has been cancelled not once but twice, I am dog tired because once again my period has started and I have had a late night working and then last night the bloody dog trashed the stairs, I came down to find he had chewed the skirting board, broken a stair tread and generally wrecked my beautiful stairs, so at 1am in the morning he felt my wrath , trust me one of my moody glares was enough for him to stay in his bed, I then ranted at Emin for 10 min's before finally getting back to sleep at 1.30am, I am so bloody tired and so dressed for self pitying comfort.
Top Southwold
Jumper Mandolin
Trousers Primark
Necklace Moi
Pumps Peacocks


materfamilias said...

Those socks are great! Built-in cheering-up.
Shop assistants are way too often exactly as you describe them. I once burst out laughing and said to the poor astonished young thing, "So you want to be able to help me, you just are completely incapable of doing so, right?" after she'd said "No"or "I don't know"for the third (simple) request. Why they don't have the sense to lurk out of sight of their supervisors being useless rather than hunt down customers to disploay their uselessness to I can't understand . . .
and yes, dog damage, been there, experienced that . . . our first Golden Retriever went through stair carpeting, some wallboard, one of my adult music student's shoes (couldn't have gnawed on one of the little ones, less expensive, had to get the one student whose shoes would be tougher for me to replace)and one of my husband's good Telemark ski boots. She grew out of it by about a year old and then was absolutely reliable, never chewed anything she wasn't allowed to, but there was much swearing that first year.

indigo16 said...

Sdaly Mater this dog must be well over 8 years old, Emin has smeared pepper paste all over the wood work!! I guess the dog is bored so of course I blame Emin!!