Monday, 7 February 2011

The view from this weekend

Another action packed Saturday starting with a leisurely walk through Mayfair via a myriad of galleries, as usual serendipity played a part but I guess the route almost plans itself since I know where most of may favourite galleries are.
I walked for a while as the exhibition planned w-a-y out west did not open until 11am so on a very, very, windy morning I did some window gazing, first up moi, of course, still loving the bag, I was either roasting or frozen all day depending on the pace I set, next time I think a coat might be warmer.

Cindy Sherman @ Spruth Magers

I love this gallery, as it has the most beautiful glass window in all of London, most of the images can be seen from outside and I recognised Sherman's work from half way down the street. I feel she is getting better and better, I love the way she plays around with identity and these black and white backgrounds work to perfection. Whilst doing some research on her I found a photographer who had met her and photographed her I quote..

"I think there is a kind of sadness and loneliness to Cindy's work"

Because she works with herself as a model?
Does that make her sad?!! I fail to see the connection, I love the way she is constantly redefining herself yet it is always her, she owns this style of portraiture and I feel she is obviously so comfortable in her own skin to work like this, I read this as loved and confident, I find her images wry and very amusing and I doubt very much whether there is a hint of sadness there.

Second up and this floored me..

"If only she had a child, would this change her?"

Why on earth would she need a child to validate her as a woman or and artist, why does she need to procreate to change, she has clearly evolved from her early work would anyone say this about Sherman if she was a man? No, What a neanderthal.

Fragments of Cindy

I then gave Martin Creed a wide berth, but will return, I did press my nose against the window of Sadie Coles Gallery to see the Carl Andre show, this is a wonderful structure and the perfect venue for Andre's work.

Yes, there is some sculpture in there...

Nicole Farhi has some lovely fifties furniture in, I covet the desk hugely.

Some very interesting windows featuring young designers at Selfridges, I have a post about one tomorrow, I did like this coat though very nautical, I recently saw someone wearing a wonderful duffel coat with brown buckles instead of togs, this may be a tad to mannish for me though.

This photo may be a bit out of focus but I loved the Small red checks layered under the blazer. all very nautical too.

This outfit was perfect stripes of course.

Two from Vanessa Bruno, it's the trouser length I love, with that kick flare that I have yet to find.

plus a dash of my favourite acid yellow.

Spots at Miyake

Layered perfection at Yohji, (I am so looking forward to his retrospective this Easter a the V&A)

Then finally I walked miles to the John Stewart exhibition deep, deep into the west of London, it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G really a most inspirational show of photographs.
The day was topped off by going to see The Green Hornet, I had suggested The Fighter since Emin fancied a trip to the cinema but some how the trailer failed to tickle his fancy so he decided on The Green Hornet for Leyla's entertainment, not the worst film I have ever seen but bloody hell...
The pain was somewhat negated by smuggling in a Volvic bottle filled with Pinot Grigio, does that make me sane or a lush!


auntiegwen said...

Very, very sane. How else would you have survived it?

materfamilias said...

What a wonderfully packed London day -- thanks for sharing. I'm practically drooling at the thought of those windows -- we've just booked and we'll be there mid-March for a few days, then a week at Easter.