Thursday, 17 February 2011

Wardrobe watch Tom Loves Cos

On a whim after a very random discussion with my tutor group I decided to be Tom this week, why? Well they were discussing gay icons and for some reason there was a heated debate as to whether Jerry was in fact gay! I am there only to facilitate! But I did bring back memories of sitting on the sofa laughing at the cartoons that seem to pop up all the time. I had no idea but they still do only you need Sky to see them which I don't have, the students recognised the 3 opening bars straight away.
My dad used to be able to tell the year each one was made and whether they would be vintage or not, he obviously had awesome long sightedness and an ability to translate roman numerals in seconds because even with a pause button I would struggle to do that.

The one posted above from You Tube is my all time favourite.


The mask was too small, I made a bigger one for the rest of the week but did not realise until too late so you will have to forgive my elongated neck.

This skirt was reduced by 70% in COS sale, a bargain, it is wonderfully soft, hangs like a dream and will cross the winter spring divide.


This dress from COS was overpriced and I have hardly worn it however having seen it worn with a skirt it looks so much better, so it will be worn more this spring.


Mmmn not sure about the proportions of this.


LOVE this one although I could have sworn it was a dress, but when I put it on with leggings I felt too exposed so swapped them for trousers, I love it.


Not at all what was planned but I am down to the dregs of inspiration this half term, but I have done well and would probably have had one more weeks worth sans repetition!

I am away for a week but have left numerous posts to entertain you, mostly visual of course, I will not have time to plan any more sartorial style features for a while without a lot of repetition so may hang up my lights for a while.

Today instead of a relaxing wind down to half term I have meetings all bloody day, pissed off doesn't even come close. A whole day of my life I will never see again.

Emin is now in Cyprus, Kitty is on a ski slope and I am off to the theatre to see Twelfth Night tomorrow before flying to Cyprus on Sunday, I am fine when my responsibility is to myself but having to get Leyla there in one piece is less fun, so many connections to miss!

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materfamilias said...

Too funny! All those old cartoons are also a good way of introducing people to the opera and to classical music. It's surprising how much of that is in the soundtracks -- one of the reasons my mom would let us watch, although not generally a fan of the box.
Have a lovely trip -- soak up some sunshine, and take lots of pics.