Thursday, 4 August 2011

Holiday time

Well another year rolls by and it is that time when I trot off to damper climes! Sun is always a bonus in this country never a given and Cornwall is becoming.
Daisy is here, they have gone to see their new baby brother, I have packed already as before we catch the train on Saturday I'm foolishly throwing a shed load of money down Thorpe Park's throat to entertain Kitty for her birthday treat. Oh lucky me. memories still linger from my last visit when I came home with whiplash. I was hoping for a more sedate time but Leyla has put on a growth spurt and now qualifies for the whole shebang.

There are no witty post dated posts I'm still tired and lacking in the time or peace or comfort to post so I will wave you goodbye, have a lovely time, and see you in approx. 3 weeks.


P.S Kevin Spacey @ Richard III ...AWESOME... truly a remarkable night out,

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materfamilias said...

Have fun! So glad "the Spacey Tempest" was worth the cash. Wish I could have seen it.
Also pleased to see Kitty (and Daisy) being so generously welcoming to their new brother -- what lovely women you're raising.