Sunday, 28 August 2011

Been shopping?

I have, I actually went to COS such was my excitement at seeing the new collection, sadly I had seen it all before I went and had bought some basics, what I am desperate for is to see the new knitwear and coats.....
I had during a vicious rain storm taken refuge in Next and whilst searching for an umbrella found this gorgeous sweater. The sequins are dull so it is not too dressy, sizing up to a 20 made it slouchy and it goes with my tan a treat. Buoyed up by this image I may attempt a few more to show you when I get back to work.


materfamilias said...

I love that sweater! It's perfect for/on you, especially worn slouchily like that -- you've nailed it!
I'm quite intrigued by the beach palettes below and wonder if you'll be painting some of those brights-against-the-sand scenes, the almost-garish tent and chair colours, the carnival stripes. Interesting contrast against the natural tones that abound at a seaside.

free coupons and samples said...

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