Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Is it good to be back?

It has been far too long, luckily I get the impression most of you are away or off line too, so I don't feel so bad at the paucity of posts. Reading the last post I wrote I get the feeling I was quite low, no reason, only a frustration that most of this holiday seems very Leyla centered. It is not her fault and the whole bloody 11+ shebang will be over in less than 5 weeks.
Did I enjoy the holiday? Well mostly, there are some tales to tell, not Mother this time instead Princess Daisy has picked that baton up and sprinted ahead.
I have a shed load of photographs to look at but for now it is all very domestic. My current irritant is the weather, which in true 'It's August so it must be pouring' style has once again scuppered my plans to mow the lawn. I will soon need a bloody combine harvester.
One small plus was just before I left I could not decide whether to clean the house within an inch of its life and hope He Who Should Be Obeyed did not wholly trash it, or to not clean it and tackle the whole lot on my return. On past experiences it was pretty much a given that he would not lift a finger and I would as usual walk through the door to a mound of rotting chaos only to lash my self to a cleaning cloth for hours before weeping at the 3 suitcases of washing that had not a hope in hell of drying in this inclement of weathers.
(Everyone talks about the wonders of packing, few ever acknowledge the hell of unpacking and washing and drying and putting away...on and on...)
I cleaned before I went, that way It might shame him into at least trying to keep some semblance of order. Imagine my utter surprise when I returned to find not only a stacked dishwasher but the surfaces wiped too! 15 years it has taken for him to realise if he wants sex on my return the kitchen needs to be clean....Not that we have have sex in the kitchen or anything honest!

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materfamilias said...

So you can teach an old dog new tricks! You simply have to choose the right reward. . . .