Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Sweet Sixteen

Would I want to be there again? No, absolutely not, I would've like to have known I was beautiful so I stopped looking for love and worked harder at college, but that was pretty much it.
I am most defiantly enjoying life more now, I get more out of it most days not hamstrung by the need for the validation of others, I work at it a lot more too making sure I at least try to achieve something positive each day no matter how small. That said of course I have daily gripes and irritating niggles that mar each day. But Sweet Sixteen? No way. It is the age that Kitty has dreaded, the final transition into an adulthood and she has met it kicking and screaming. So desperate has she been to cling on the the heady days where all you had to worry about was what was for tea, what to potter at today, those days where food fairies brought each meal, washing fairies delivered clean clothes and there were no worries that were pressing.
Now today heralds the arrival of independence the need for employment sadly the job hunt has lacked fruition and it now appears she may have to return to college after all. So once again I will be strapped to a computed tapping in yet another series of witty answers with just the right measure of gravitas in order to secure her a place, or rather a place on the waiting list so late has she left it.

So Happy Birthday Kitty

You are really the sweetest of my girls, you have the lightest of touches and you are without doubt the best of my girls to spend the day with fun, witty and wise, who would have thought such a lovely girl would have emerged from that vile little teenage caterpillar?

Just as I wrote this a phone called came to alert Kitty that her new half sibling was on its way...Seriously three hundred and sixtyeffingfive days in the year and she goes into labour on Kitty's birthday. How unfair is that?

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materfamilias said...

Belated Happy birthday to your lovely daughter.