Friday, 26 August 2011

St Ives street style

I was wearing far too many hats during this break, so failed to capture much street style. There was plenty to see, but the streets were heaving making a good shot without being seen very difficult to get.
Standard uniform for this holiday is to layer dusty colours and stripes on top with either a short skirt or shorts on the bottom. This makes it easy to hop from beach to Fore street without a change of clothing, (the two are less than 5 mins apart) I must confess it was with some relief I left my black wardrobe behind, it is great to layer and mix it up, so much goes down here the rules do not apply and it was sad to wash and pack them away again. I can't wear these clothes in London they have grown to signify a time and an attitude separate from the place I live and work and in that sense I am pleased to put them away. I may wear a pared down version for the next break in Istanbul which is coastal too, otherwise they will have to wait for next Easters outing to Norfolk. Yes we are braving the misty climes again!

The following two images were from the inside of the Tate both perfectly encapsulate what makes the perfect St Ives style.

I am SO pleased I have booked next year for 2 weeks, so I can add more to my collection.


materfamilias said...

Well, you might not have taken many style shots, but these three are brilliant at evoking the mood -- now I want to go to St Ives. And I want that older woman's simple chic. And possibly her loafers.

indigo16 said...

Me too, is she not amazing? Yes you would LOVE St Ives. A sea of good food and galleries.