Friday, 30 September 2011

Something Stripy for the Weekend

Nearly all my stripes seem to have arrived serendipitously this one was no exception. I invariably buy clothes from Zara on impulse, they are always displayed very seductively (a lesson GAP could learn from) I had originally bought trousers and a top, neither I really wanted or needed and so I took them back, standing in line I saw this top, which looks very unprepossessing in the photograph below but is actually a lovely glazed cotton. I wear over a pair of Full Circle dropped crotch trousers I picked up online from ASOS in the sale, I love them, they are much cooler than normal trousers.
The top is a lovely coffee and black stripe in glazed cotton and I guess it will be a keeper.

Talking of keeping cool, hells bloody bells it's hot round here, I was scrabbling on my hands and knees last night to find some linen to wear as I was dripping with sweat. The day starts and finishes coolish but midway it's roasting. Most women are now back in sleeveless dresses and bare legs, yet they say we will have snow by October!! Yeah right.

The very best thing about the weather is there is a wonderful continental feel when walking the dog, you know that smell you get in the South of France? Well it's here too. I love walking the dog when it's like this.

The other day walking through the park as dusk fell, I reflected that despite my petty moans life can be good. As I walked I became very tuned into the sounds around me, the thwack of a tennis ball, the shrieks of pleasure from the playground, people eating the remains of a treat on a park bench and dogs yapping. It was one of those cinema moments, a classic panning shot that captured a tiny fragment of time that will be stored away and revisited when the temperatures drop and the sleet rain is horizontal.

Oh and just in case you haven't heard from the other bloguettes, bloody COS have an online store, just bloody great, 2 ways to break me in one fell swoop, I currently have 2 things sitting in checkout le sigh, what is stopping me is the exchange rate. Not my self control, sad to say.


materfamilias said...

You're not really complaining about the heat, are you? We've had to pack summer completely away here, and are well into stormy fall rain, so no sympathy.
I don't even go into Zara anymore, so admire your persistence. The line-ups for the change room are always so long, and while items look wonderful on the hanger, they're seldom cut well for my body. That top's a keeper, though, and fits in well with your weekend stripe project. Agree with you re the dropped crotch -- so comfy to wear.
Love your description of dog-walking in the park.

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Mardel said...

Love the way that top looks on; I would have passed it by, but I rarely have patience for Zara. Lovely post, so well evocative.