Friday, 2 March 2012

Cat Walk Shopping

I used to be glued to the screen when the cat walk shows came around, my favourite port of call used to be, sadly the website is so full of moving this and flashing that I have had to move on to, which is where these images are from.
I only ever chose something I would defiantly wear so it has been slim pickings this year, falling back on some old favourites, struggling to wade through some very formal eighties glamour, not me at all.
First up

Doo Ri

My favourite goldish yellow, I do love a bit of asymmetry

Limi Feu

Always does good draping, luckily I am just about tall enough to get away with this as long as the layers are thin.

Phillip Lim
Just how lovely is this coat? Perfect

Margaret Howell

What I love is that she never compromises comfort for vanity, no pencil skirts and cinched in waists here, just perfect shape and portion.

I do miss photographing my clothes, I hope to have a go over Easter, but otherwise my head has been down reading, reading, reading. I'm trying to research and write about the almost impossible dynamic of Artist Teacher Mother Wife, does such a thing exist? Well often 3/4 has been achieved, but often it is the husband not the children that destroys an artistic career. My favourite research so far was an interview with Louise Nevelson, no slouch in the style stakes herself, but the vitriolic gossip she dishes from New York in the fifties has been riveting. Many artists have been unveiled in a whole new light shed by what can only be described as searing honesty! This is always the fun bit though isn't it the reading. I have also been sidetracked by a couple of books which confirm what I knew in that my own art education was so monumentally poor it is a wonder I left with any self esteem at all. As late as the eighties it was not uncommon for classes of 70% female or more to be taught wholly by men, most of whom were never to be found. I had two tutorials in 3 years! It appears to be very different now, but in a way I wish I had been aware of it earlier.

I have a tutorial next Friday, and boy am I prepared, this time they are going to earn their salary!!


lin said...

These days, I look at catwalks to satisfy the side of me that is interested in fantasy and creative things I don't necessary want to wear - sort of like how I used to LOVE Lacroix couture shows without wanting any of it.

I haven't been checking the latest shows much, but the only collection that had me squirming in my seat in joy is Dries Van Noten.

And that Philip Lim coat is really beautiful!

materfamilias said...

I never find the time to look at catwalks myself, so I'm especially glad to see what my blogger friends pull into their posts. These are all lovely, although most would be difficult to wear at my height. The Dries Van Noten golden-wheat-coloured sweater, though. . . .colour wouldn't work for me at all, but I love it! Love that sweater completely!
Very cool to see your absorption in your studies -- what a good project to have taken on for research!