Friday, 23 March 2012

I'm not sure I should have given up coffee for Lent

I give up something every year for Lent, last year it was chocolate, which was a huge success since I rarely eat it now. Not that you would notice, truly the healthier my diet the thicker my waist line. That old adage waist or face seems to have stuck two fingers up as it passed me by because you know how you buy a jumper and you think mmm that will look great with those drop crotch trousers? Well one morning I woke up and put on what I thought would be a drop dead gorgeous rocking a gallerina look, only to look in the mirror to see a fat bitch in a black nappy old enough to know better.
When did that happen? When did the inches creep on? So whilst everything can be fastened, it now takes a surreptitious intake of breath before in fact the snap closes. I have been in such denial really, jumpers are flowing, belts donated to Kitty, snugger cardies to Daisy.
I could weep if I had time.
The reason I think I have taken this hit on my waist line is my lack of energy, I used to skip to the gym 4 times a week, now I drag my feet maybe twice.
I'm tired. The children may have grown up but my energy levels have dipped
Oh and the coffee? well I thought that one would be a breeze, I only have maybe one a day often less, but somehow I've really noticed the loss, every now and again I smell one and really ache for the creamy foam to stick to my top lip. Never again.
I've been waking up most nights for various reasons, not least the insidious rise of a head cold coupled with various inspectors crawling all over the school.
Plus a problem that came so left of field I can't believe it happened. I sent off for a form to enter two paintings for a summer show. I foolishly had not had them framed. And do you think I can find someone to frame them? No, seriously the smug looks I've had from framers who either a) will not frame without glass or b) know you want it urgently so quote an 8 week wait. 8 weeks to make a frame? So much for this being a recession.
I then bought the wood praying I could get the woodwork teacher to help, he too took great delight in turning me down, I'm left with one small place that may, I hope make me a frame with the wood I've been and bought, I'm just off to beg now, but I can't believe how stupid I've been leaving it so long, and yet part of me thinks just how much more am I expected to do.
Don't feel too sorry for me, I'm out partying tomorrow night dosed up with Lemsip, and it's the Duchess of Malfi tonight, with a no doubt very fidgety Leyla!
Oh and having just reread my last post I STILL did not make a dentist appointment. But the inspection went just fine, so now having worked my butt off, I'm doing NOTHING at school today just counting the days till next week arrives and Norfolk calls.

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materfamilias said...

I only have one or two coffees a week, only when I'm out, but that means I indulge myself with way too much cream. The rest of the time I'm happy with tea which, luckily, I drink with low-fat milk. I was urged to give up my tea several years ago (reflux issues), but just can't do it! I admire your discipline.
Is the Norfolk holiday a seaside one?