Friday, 30 March 2012

The high price of total humiliation


The very boring and far too protracted saga of the picture frames tipped me over the edge yesterday, having persuaded a frame maker to construct them he then did such a poor job I'm talking 5 year old with their hand tied behind their back bad, so I ended up desperately trying to salvage something from them only to staple through the back of them when I was attaching the effing corners the submission form insisted on them having.
So 3 hours before the deadline I threw them in the bin and went home.
Emin took pity on me so we went out for a bite to eat, not much consolation for the humiliation, but it seemed churlish to refuse.
I'm now packed and ready to drive away to Norfolk after lunch, it now looks like Daisy will join us for a few days which I will enjoy, not sure about the others mind you! The weather is of course going to turn very cold, but I have decided to revive my bag of beads and see if I can't rid myself of a very melancholic cloud by making some necklaces.
I feel very mean leaving Kitty behind, I wish we'd been able to book it for the following week so she could have joined us, but I have promised to take her shopping when I return to give her something to look forward to. Plus she has promised me a birthday curry! Yes my blogger friends, my half century is beckoning me next week, it's most peculiar to be the very age you thought was truly ancient when anyone admitted they were that old, worse, no one warns you that you feel a most cliched 18 years old inside. My reflection will ever more remain a stranger to me not helped by the fact that both the tabloids and I have always bench marked my age group against Madonna, but we have truly parted ways these past 10 years!


materfamilias said...

I'm so sorry about the frames -- I can only imagine how much sulking I would have had to do after the initial disappointment and anger. I hope you find much consolation in your time at Norfolk.
As for the big birthday coming up, all I can say is that it seems to be better than the alternative . . . and as for Madonna, who knows what the portrait in her attic looks like!

Eliza Auth said...

Your framing debacle is so sad and so bloody familiar.I once arrived at the framer after giving him the extra days he called to request, thinking I could grab the piece and race up to the gallery in New York and get it there just in time- but no. He had been afraid to call and tell me he wasn't done. I love your blog. I'm a painter who also struggles with the clothing issues. But I'm a decade ahead of you and I just want to say, enjoy this birthday. These last ten years have been the best of my career. It doesn't seem to matter that we're no longer the lissome young things we once were!Happy birthday!

indigo16 said...

This seems an age ago now but thank you in case you come back!