Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The view from here

These came out in the wrong order, I will never get used to the way blogger reverses the order images appear in. So annoying.

Last Fridays post masked a multitude of stress, not least because a few minutes after loading the images I became really ill, the kind of ill where you just need to crawl away and curl up in private. I did this by locking the office door, but keep in mind I was teaching 2 classes! I was so lucky that despite it being Friday they somehow sensed they needed to just get on. So eventually I forced myself up and went and finished the two lessons aching for the time to arrive when I could get them to leave.. Half an hour later I felt a lot better so managed to get home, have a shower and go to bed...

Well obviously my life is just not that simple is it? I got home and Kitty asked for food, I kind of wondered aloud if she wanted to get a take-a-way. Most kids would love to no? Not mine, I got 'that' look, you know the one, which says "you're just the shittiest mother if you can't cook me food". I begged for a couple for hours sleep on the premise I would make her some burgers later, (I make them from scratch, everyone loves them,) so that bought me some time, I set my alarm and did just that. When the alarm went off I didn't know where I was, so deep was my sleep. So painful.

I am currently under a shed load of stress because:

  • I need to make an appointment with the dentist and I just know that will cost shed loads of money.

  • I need to frame two paintings by next week and no one will frame them, seriously, this can't be a recession because picture framers are just not interested in framing and when one showed a vague interest it was only if he could take 6-8 weeks! So now I have to try and do it myself.

  • On top of which we have have inspectors crawling over us for the rest of the week, so that means shed loads of planning and preparation, how the hell I am finding time to write this I don't know.

  • Oh, and I'm still reading for my essay which meant a trip to the library yesterday which is where those photographs come from. Sorry they're so crap, but I really loved the house, it was featured in last months Interiors Magazine they are of Sue Skeen's house somewhere near Norfolk I think. I love the simplicity it's all I hope for Cyprus.

  • Oh, and I kept getting sidetracked and did not get enough work done because I knew I had to get home in time to take Leyla to a concert she was playing in.

  • Oh, and that relationship is most prickly at the moment because he is waiting for surgery on his arm, so he can't go to the gym much so he is an absolute BITCH right now. BUT strangely he has started to walk the dog a bit, I said just a bit.

  • Oh, and it was Mother's Day on Sunday so I got to spend it with all 3 of my girls plus a lone boyfriend. Only Leyla bothered with a card, but hey it was good to see them.

  • And finally It was so frustrating to want to write a good deal more about the misery of ageing and not have time, but Mater seemed to read my mind and wrote a good deal more eloquently than I ever could.


Mardel said...

Oh my. I get that same look from my spouse, the "you're just the shittiest wife " variation, even if I am dead tired and so sore and stiff I can hardly move. Behind on everything here.

But the photos are glorious. I love the dining room and the juxtaposition of shapes and textures and the walls of book. I just want to move in right there for a week and let the world fade away.

materfamilias said...

Again, I'm impressed that even in the middle of all kinds of stress, you find sustaining beauty -- and share it! These rooms, I see, are called Ascetic but they're almost luxurious in their functional simplicity. Although I'd want one really comfortable leather armchair, with an ottoman for my feet. . .
My sympathies on the dentist anxiety especially. We're fortunate enough to have plans through employers, so other than the monthly premiums, we pay little for dental visits. I hope you manage to get your teeth seen to without too much pain, budget or otherwise, before the problems multiply. . .