Wednesday, 28 March 2012


I have come to the conclusion that clothes fall into 2 main categories

  1. Clothes that create problems

  2. Clothes that solve problems.
Of course there are clothes that are no problem at all like this dress from COS, how is it that I have already worn this many times and yet another dress I bought and love, I have yet to wear once? Simple really, this one is effortless, the other is wool on top silk below, too warm for the sun, but too flimsy when cold. On Sunday I had 10 minutes to shop in COS, I tried on various bits and pieces, and so did my new COS buddy, Kitty. I came so close to buying a lovely dress, only it came with luggage, and that luggage was it's lack of sleeve's.


  • What do you do with a sleeveless dress?

  • Do you wear something underneath?

  • Or a cardie?

  • If it is a cardie, what do you do when you need to take it off?

  • Do you really want to go back to school and wear a pinafore?
So I put it back and I realised that has been my BIG mistake, I buy clothes that look lovely, but most of the time they raise more problems than they solve. Very few pieces of clothing solve any problems at all, they just perpetuate problems. Cardigans are the worst culprit, frequently bought to go with a top, they are then too long for dresses and too short for trousers. Stripy cardies, they end up going with nothing. Jumpers too, you would think were safe, but no, they too are often the wrong length. So this is why my trusty black shroud wins every time!

Other problems I have encountered this week,

  • 16th Century Jacobean tragedy, not a good play for an 11 years old. exacerbated by the fact we both had streaming colds, so at the interval we left. I felt so ill, and Leyla bless her pronounced that she felt that she had seen the whole play, so long was it!

  • Black Cabs. I hate cabs, really hate them I have used them only a handful of times in 25 years, laughably when I have been short of time! Because we all know they take the longest route possible, or even better they go the way they know they can encounter the most temporary traffic lights. Which was my fate on Saturday night, having neglected to keep an eye on the clock I was in danger of missing the last train home.15 quid the bastard cost me. A very expensive mistake.

  • Leyla's birthday party, never good, she shows off and misbehaves. I was dreading sitting through the Hunger Games, but it was surprisingly good unlike her behaviour.

  • Frames, I have them made but not very well, so I'm sucking it up and just using them anyway.

  • Time, it's running out and I'm increasingly behind with my essay.

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materfamilias said...

I've never thought of clothes falling into these two categories, but the analysis makes sense. So often, though, we resist getting rid of the troublemakers because there's something about them we love -- so we put them back on the hanger or in the drawer until we try to wear them again . . . only to find the problem is still there!