Monday, 27 August 2007

Eric Ward

Eric Ward at
My homage to the 2 strongest influences in the town the first view was first made famous by Ben Nicholson, the second is one of the most lovely gardens in the world.

I must have visited over 15 small private gallery's, all were wonderful in their own way and I am going to feature some over the coming weeks as well as sneak in some of my photographs. The overall effect of this combination is a resounding victory for art over photography as I feel that all the paintings and prints I saw captured the environment far better then a photograph (or mine at least) although it is hard to take a bad photograph in Babara Hepworth's garden. Interestingly I did not see any photography in the gallery's. The range of art work is amazing for a small town and all the studios are thriving. I am slowly catching up with some blogs and I am itching to comment on a range of issues. The Sartorialist has some wonderful photographs taken in Stockholm making me itch to go back one summer, however mother is keen for a villa in France or Italy but at £2600 for 7 days I guess it would be cheaper to buy one.

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