Sunday, 26 August 2007

Tall Storys

We are back, we had a lovely time lots of pasties, fudge, ice cream, fish & chips so much delicious food so little time.... The house was perfect with wonderful views and the weather was very kind. The girls body surfed, dug a lot of holes in the sand and spent a lot of money on this & that. The people were lovely even my mother behaved.....I went to a lot of galleries all of which I will be posted over the next few weeks. I dressed like a complete slob, took far too many photographs especially in Babara Hepworth's Garden, paradise as always. On the down side the gulls were far too loud, the beds uncomfortable I did no painting and Leyla ,well she was just a very naughty little girl.


Kim Carney said...

it looks so lovely!

indigo16 said...

yes i am very spoilt, and you seem to have worked all summer!