Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Mummy Chic

I spent a leisurely day organising my clothes yeaterday. I have bought a couple of new pieces from Fat Face and White Stuff so decided to work out what to wear them with. This requires every single piece to come out and go back neatly and in the right place tops, bottoms, cardi's and weekend well as places for vests and gym gear. I roll and hang everything and pick up every night this is because I do not iron ...I threw the ironing board away years ago I kept the iron for the odd piece of linen but I find that body heat is the best to rid the creases. Trust me it s very liberating. I have finally bitten the bullet and put to rest the frilly and beaded bits I was clinging on to in case Giles Bensimon came knocking for an ironic take on the larger woman photo shoot, so the wardrobe is sleeker meaner and ready to wear. I have documented various outfits to grab and go as I wake at 6.20 get up at 6.30 and leave by 7.15, hair is a ponytail and has been for 5 years cut with sewing shears! I felt personally slighted by Style Bubbles Mummy Chic jibe, we shop at Jigsaw/Toast because they are cut to skim the lumps and fit. I don't think any yummy mummy would be seen dead in Laura Ashley and Coast is just for wanna be wag weddings. Add Noa Noa, Saltwater, Fat Face, White Stuff and most of all GAP I love GAP.
The wonderful people at the British Consulate gave our new Au Pair her Visa just after her flight left Thank you so considerate.l

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