Monday, 27 August 2007

Julia Platt

The verticals are by Julia Platt at The horizontals are bashed paintwork on the boats in the harbour.

The web site is small but interesting like most gallery's it carries an eclectic mix of prints ceramics and jewellery. As my sister in a heroically kind gesture lent us her car I bought her a beautiful designer charm bracelet, I have not worn bracelets since I had children and I gave my collection of antique silver cuffs to my mother who wears them constantly, I did however covet this bracelet a lot but she loved it so that was good. In return for her favour I offered to clear her flat up. My sister is head of Human Resources of an international company whose offices over look The Mall, she is ruthless, mean and efficient and yet incapable of picking up her clothes off the floor and worse in the process of tidying up I found 3 yes 3 unpacked suitcases still filled with clothes from previous holidays! She does the dirty washing then leaves the rest so the last time she saw some of her clothes was this time last year when we were all in Egypt! How is this possible? so 65 skirts were reunited as were 15 bikinis 7 bloody hours this took and as she had a hangover she took a while to warm up. No doubt I will have to pop round when she returns from Cuba in a couple of months lucky me.

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