Thursday, 30 August 2007


As a P.S to my yummy mummy post I was tickled to read that Mrs Fashion believes that art teachers can afford to shop in Toast, I bloody wish, absolute tops for my budget is Jigsaw. Most young Art teacher are so broke from their student debt they tend to use either EBay or H&M, the older ones sink their salary into pensions, property and procreation. Our clothes tend to be black or cheap because what does not get splattered with Acrylic paint gets ripped by the rogue staple left over from when the year 10s found misses staple gun. Never sit on an art bench and never ever put your hand under the table especially on a hot day..Worst of all I am sad to report that for all our aesthetic ideals most of us are a sad rag tag bunch indeed.

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Mrs Fashion said...

Well you could always shop the archive sale?! At least you appreciate the aesthetic so I hope I wasn't too far off.