Thursday, 30 August 2007

some farewells

Catching up with reading my blog back log I read with sadness a farewell from the Toast and Honey blog. Beautifully written blogs are hard to find and this one was written by someone who clearly enjoyed using the English language, one of the reasons cited was the lack of having a secret space which is a sentiment I can totally empathise with I think its a brave person who can open up with friends and family reading, the alternative is a fairly academic blog with a subject focus. So I hope Toast and Honey returns one day.
Another farewell all be it temporary was our Homeopath who has written to say she is taking a sabbatical. Kate has been a rock for Daisy and more recently Kitty so we are going to be floating like a rudderless boat without her. Kate was introduced to me by a friend at school who had read a lot about the excesses of pharmaceutical companies, my father who had worked for Boots in his early 20s backed up her concerns with stories that would make you weep with frustrated anger. The trigger for me was Daisy's eczema she was covered her from head to toe by the time she was 2, I could not bear to use a steroid cream and she did nothing but cry for 2 years. Off we toddled and the eczema subsided as did my recurrent kidney infections. Kate guided me through 2 more pregnancies and my kids are drug free with an awesome immune system. Kate has listened and had been guiding them through the trauma of adolescence so I hope she can resolve her problems and come back soon, for the sake of my sanity.
The flower photo's were taken from mothers paradise garden packed with beautiful blooms.

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