Monday, 1 December 2008

Butter would not melt

So it is 7am Sunday morning, Emin has already woken me up, I am obsessive about my sleep as I have to get up so early in the week, a couple of extra hours in bed at the weekend is all I ask but I never ever get it.
So I tried to go back to sleep, only for spawn of the devil to reek havoc, in the end I give up and get up. Unbeknownst to me she has been snapping away with my camera.

As I load up the images today I find this little self portrait. Do not be deceived she was WIDE AWAKE when she took this, both she and Kitty just love nothing better than to snap away at themselves for hours on end, both of them are quite the little actresses as this just proves.


La Belette Rouge said...

Love the playing possum photos.

Rollergirl said...

Hilarious! I'm sure i used to do the same when I was little.