Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Huger Foote

Huger Foote has always had a big influence on my photography, I can only find examples of his work on The Hamiltons Gallery website
The image top right is a particular favourite, I love the saturation of colour, and the rather surreal view point. I found one of his images whilst sorting the files that fell off the shelves last week. This has been one of the benefits of last weeks trauma, raking through piles of old resources and having a really good clear out.

So finally I have ordered the book from Amazon.
If you have a spare hour and a half watch this on BBCi player, the cinematography is just stunning, particularly the parts filmed through glass. And as for lifestyle envy, have you ever seen such an amazing police station, almost worth getting arrested just to look at the artwork!
I also watched Waitress on DVD at the weekend, what a depressing film, I know it is like a fairy tale but it left me with a very heavy heart.

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Anonymous said...

Now that is incredible work, those images are so 'other-worldly'.