Thursday, 18 December 2008

Sartorial challenges

The last one (bag) I promise, well this year anyway. It completes my trilogy, all good things come in three's so I needed a black one and this one is perfect. I use it for weekends and going out as it is so much smaller than the others.

I teamed it with a black merino wool wrap dress for my interview, I decided that the black leather jacket smacked too much of 'rock chick' so amazingly I managed to still fit into a very old Chanelesque tweed boxy jacket that I have had since before Leyla was born. I had originally bought it to wear with jeans, I loved it and wore it a lot, but as with all that we love it started to feel dated, but unusually for me I was reluctant to part with it so I dry cleaned it and put it away. I realised it would look perfect with the dress, and I was right. What cheered me up the most was that it still fitted, I did not even have to squeeze into it, it hung as beautifully as it had all those years ago.

My next sartorial challenge apart from packing, is to put together an outfit for New Year, which will be spent at a very posh dinner dance in Istanbul. This requires a ball gown or at least a proper posh long frock, but I just do not 'do' long, If I had realised earlierI could have borrowed a beautiful tiered Jaegar skirt from my mother, sadly it is too late. So I am going to wear trousers, either a pegged wool pair from Toast or an almost vintage pair of wide legged velvet ones. I have bought this

to wear with it, I have a very light sequined cardie to wear over the top and a beautiful sequined bag, but shoes..... oh God what am I going to put on my bloody feet!


La Belette Rouge said...

No need to make such a promise. I love hearing about your new handbags.

My advice is to get your mother to FedEx you her skirt. If you are wearing a long skirt you won't have to worry about shoes. No one will see them!!

I am excited for you. A ball in Istanbul sounds terribly romantic and exotic. Please take pictures.

materfamilias said...

That's a very sleekly-efficient-looking bag.
Wouldn't LBR's comment apply to the long, wide trousers? The shoes won't be too visible under them either. I'd go with the vintagey ones and some ballet-ish flats.
I agree with LBR -- sounds very exotic and your readers would love pictures.