Monday, 1 December 2008

The view from here

Ivanov was brilliant, I thought it would be a bit 'dry' but Tom Stoppard has worked a miracle, plus the cast were so good. We were very high up which I love as I am so long sighted, but the draw back is you tend not to see the expressions on their faces. Our seats were not seats more doll sized upholstered benches. They were in opposite corners of the balcony so although we were not sat together, we both loved sitting in rather splendid isolation!
We will be back,
I have not been to the theatre for years, funnily enough it was at tThe Wyndhams to see a performance of Art. Emin is not a big fan, but as Daisy got a taste for it during her GCSE and now she is studying it at A Level I have decided to go and see more. I had mistakenly assumed tickets would be prohibitively expensive and for many theatres they are but The Donmar Wyndhams as well as The National Theater all have cheap seats for around £10, which if Fridays experience is to go by is a bargain.
The draw back is unlike the cinema, you cannot wait for the reviews as most seats have sold by then, instead you have to take pot luck and hope it is good. So I have now bought tickets for The Dolls House in May! which does not sit easily with my rather impulsive nature but it makes for a more varied social life.
I am currently totally in love with the BBC production of Little Dorrit which you can see in bite sized chunks on You Tube or via BBCi player. In particular the sound track is the best I have heard since The Piano.

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materfamilias said...

I've said it before, "Lucky, lucky you!" What a wealth you have where you live.
As for the spontaneity vs. the advance-ticket-buying, we've been buying season's tickets for the opera for similar reasons -- it at least guarantees a few outings a year. Otherwise, we see reviews for something we'd like to see and it's already too late.