Friday, 5 December 2008

The view from here

photo from here
I am snowed under, Two weeks ago I was twiddling my thumbs and so thought I might paint. I opened my box of watercolours only to see they were rather depleted. I ordered some more which arrived last week at about the same time as 150 folders of students work needed assessing. At the same time 45 students sat their mock exam. Now just to add the cherry to my iced cup cake of a work load I have an interview. Which normally would not trouble me, I have folios of my work and students work. I can rustle up a power point in a couple of hours, but no oh lucky, lucky me I have to teach a lesson to 17 year 9 students. Simple topic? No, I was told that the students had studied cubist portraits and they were now about to move towards a sculpture project looking at the work of Naum Gabo.
Oh easy peasy lemon squeezy then. I love the work of Naum Gabo especially his mono prints, I recently saw a lovely sculpture of his at Kettles Yard. But no, I will have to take a walk out of my comfort zone and try to get the students to make small card maquette's. This very moment I have 20 students doing a trial run at the project, it is being slowly butchered and I hold out little hope for a successful outcome but we shall see.
Why do I humiliate myself like this?
To make matters worse the interview is on a Monday so it will ruin my weekend which I am spending in York. The sprinkles on top of my cherry, on top of my iced cup cake!
Oh and I have nothing to wear, seriously no suit, nothing.


materfamilias said...

Well, couldn't you argue that the students are experiencing how difficult the work is and contrast that with the deceptively easy, playful appearance? So you win even if they crash?
It must be tough to go into a class you don't know and give a mock lesson when class dynamics are so much a part of the teaching experience -- good luck on Monday, and meanwhile, try to enjoy your weekend!

La Belette Rouge said...

No suit? Hmm, do you have ANn Taylor or Banana Republics in York? I have found some goof emergency interview suits there for not too much cash.

I have nothing helpful to offer in terms of the work ahead of you. Oh, I know, get a cupcake and put a cherry on it and sprinkles. Then eat it. Symbolically devour the cupcake and tell it who is boss. Good luck with everything. I am sure the interviewer will be appropriately in awe of you.

indigo16 said...

Sadly the interviewer seemed to think i was not quite her class, in more ways than one. I rocked a vintage jacket instead though.

La Belette Rouge said...

Warning some immaturity to follow all motivated by a deep belief in your talents: Well screw her. I am sticking my tongue out and blowing a raspberry at the stupid cow who couldn't see a great thing when it sat in front of her looking lovely in a vintage jacket. Her loss!