Tuesday, 26 October 2010

So no internet

I have been left with two computers neither can access the Internet so until next Monday I am off line, I am keeping busy despite more than one person wondering what I do with all my time. The list of clearing, sorting and organising is endless, but with the help of some Ikea storage I am wading through it along with cleaning, walking the dog and going to the gym, you know all the boring mundane crap that keeps us ticking over.
Talking of exercise ladies I urge you to do your pelvic floor exercises as my aunt has just undergone surgery to correct a bladder problem which could have been avoided with the said exercises. Surgery has failed and so she is back to square one when all she had to do was suck it up a little!
My second story concerns Mother who has belittled my efforts at the gym with a sly sneer having always trumpeted her own exercise regime, as if she has one. Well boy did her chickens come home to roost because she is crippled with back problems because clearly she was not exercising or toning her abdominal and the Doctor could not believe how weak her hamstrings and glutes were. You see Mother, it is all well and good to walk everywhere but toned quads will not hold you up without at least some nominal hamstring muscle, so now she is having to do physiotherapy to develop some kind of support and who is laughing now? Ha


materfamilias said...

Oh dear, mothers and daughters indeed! Mine walks and walks and walks, but she also does her sit-ups religiously. She's always been a bit patronizingly amused at anyone who takes their physical activity -- sport, fitness classes, etc. - too seriously, but at the same time, she's prided herself discreetly on her own tidy, fit frame.
Enjoy the peace and quiet of no Internet even as it will be a bit of a frustration. Sometimes, I wish I dared unhook for a few days (knocks quickly on wood, lest wish be granted!!)

La Belette Rouge said...

Half way through this post and I am doing kegels like my life depended on it.
Life without internet is one that i could no longer imagine. I wonder how I loved without it.
Now I am off to do some sit ups.;-)