Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Sartorial Frieze

The skirts
I will never tire of skirts, there is no one length I love in particular but the shapes here are wonderful, particularly the second from right, which I guess must be Miyake pleats.
Grey Tops
The far left top was so lovely a mix of chiffon and merino wool, my favourite is the third from right, I love the scooped back particularly with the ankle length trousers. Next to her is 'that' Stella McCartney's coat as lovely in the flesh as it was on the catwalk.
It's All in the Detail

I love that leather shawl a genius way to update a dress, the denim skirt in the center is just sublime, if you look at the cut and raw selvedge, what's not to love. The second on the right I think would look better if her vest was red but I loved the lace back and red bag.
Cream Luxe

I Can't wear cream, I would spill something so I will just be content to gaze longingly at a colour that represent s a lifestyle! One of leisure!! Seriously the second on the left was my favourite every layer was so light and creamy.
Splash of Colour

I would really really love to own the first dress on the left, a really beautiful combination of acid yellow and dark grey wool. in fact I love all of these.
Gallerina Black

And these, it appears Gallerina's favour black so as not to detract from the art work what I love is despite a dress code they all look so different. What these photographs struggle to tell is the height and size, the girl on the far left is tiny whereas next to her the woman is at least 5'10. I loved the third from left, especially her scarf and second from right looks lovely with the silver pendant and those metallic jazz shoes.
Brown Bag

Another blog stole my thunder, in fact two blogs did because That's Not My Age went to the private view of the Louise Bourgois exhibition I want to see. I am not an altogether happy bunny but what can I do?
My sartorial images I hope convey the amazing breadth of style on offer. I love the way Frieze mixes up student style + Gallerina black and the very best of dressing for a certain age.
Trying to grab photographs was not easy as I was using my SLR, but it has an awesome zoom lens which made composition easier. I of course tend to focus on my personal favourite themes so not much that is wacky here. My main style focus is the silhouette I love seeing how people play around with shapes and textures. A fashion editor was bemoaning how the whole Mad Men Zeitgeist was already dated as it hit the shops as most fashion editors were rushing to channel the new silhouette from the Spring Summer 2011 shows. This to me completely misses the point of fashion and style, which is to take a thread and weave it into that we already have. That is why I can show you these photographs now and in 5 years time and I bet you there will be little that has changed in terms of overall themes. We will always covet the battered brown satchel, brown will always look lovely with grey. Cream will always ooze luxury and Gallerina's will always rock black.
I could happily have snapped a hundred more.


La Belette Rouge said...

You have me on a hunt for grey sweaters. Seriously. I caught the grey sweater bug from you. I love a black gallerina black dress and I too can't wear cream---but I am doing taupe. I love taupe. Question for you, my sartorial friend, do you think you can do a brown bag with a black gallerina dress?
LOVE this post and LOVE all of the items.

indigo16 said...

I think it would have to be vintage, like those leather crocodile box bags or a satchel. Anything too chestnut and shiny may be a bit much especially if gilded with gilt fastenings. It is a rare bag that has silver fastenings. I think black needs texture. You see more questions than answers!!
I'm glad you liked the post it took hours to edit but uncool as this may sound I think it is way better than the 'other' post on the Womans Room. Big headed or what?

Anonymous said...

Wow, great post.

Jaime said...

Coming out of lurkdom to thank you for this great post. One of the best and most inspiring sets of pictures I have seen.

La Belette Rouge said...

I bought a grey cardie today...oh, and there were boots.
p.s. Thanks for the response.
p.s.s. I REALLY love this post and your style!

indigo16 said...

Holy Moly thankyou, would that I could do this more often and give up the day job!!

materfamilias said...

This is a great post, Alison! So much to study in it == I'm going to come back when I have a bit more time and can "big up" the photos for a really good look.

As for LBR's question, I have a great brown bag that I do wear with black -- it's Banana Republic from five or so years ago, pebbled rich leather in a matte chocolate, big simple silver fastenings and just a simple braid detail over the flap -- it seems to work perfectly OR I'm making a huge faux pas every time I wear it with a black dress, in which case don't tell me;-)

As for those other posts, I think you complement each other very nicely and between you all, I'm really wishing I could be there! That said, I don't see the others wielding a camera anywhere near as well as you do and I love the consistency of vision here.

Johanne said...

You really have an eye for the interesting details and you´ve taught me a new way of looking at clothes/style.

I wish you´d become my personal shopper ;-) but then I guess that you already are - in some way.


Mardel said...

This is a really fabulous post, and I have to keep looking at it again and again. I really like your point of view and your wonderful photographs. There is always so much to think about and admire and dream about.

As to the brown bag/black question. I think it can work well although I am certainly not working it at the moment. I am sure Mater is extremely chic in her black and brown.