Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Zip or Snap

Twice a the weekend I found myself either clutching my purse or filling my coat pockets with phone purse keys and umbrella. It is all well and good carting a shopper sized bag to work but it works far less well at the weekend and I decided I would have to get a weekend pouch And lo, here it is. I saw a very well put together woman with just this bag recently and the image obviously stuck because when I was looking in TKMaxx for my school bag I coveted it but didn't feel I needed it. Luckily it was still there and it is prefect. The my favourite bit is the Hermes orange lining, but best of all are the zips. So many bags now snap shut with a magnetic clasp, they fill me with fear because they wipe clean anything near them with a magnetic strip, you know the REALLY important things like tickets and debit cards, so despite coveting a true bargain of a bag in TKMaxx I went for this zippy one instead and LOVE it.

OK, not a brilliant photograph, the dress creased like mad in the wardrobe so I should have hung it upside down but I love the draped fluidity of the fabric.

Footless tights
Some photographs I take stay with me for months, this was one such image. I loved the use of acid yellow and bought a similar cardie soon after, which I am wearing today. I really lifts an outfit on a dull day. What really stuck with me though was how great the footless tights looked. Just as fashion editors were writing them off I realised that actually they will never go out of style, and I feel they really make this outfit along with the flat sandals, which is something else that is creeping in on the Paris catwalk this week.
Isn't it strange how one small purchase can open up a whole new strand of your wardrobe?I have tended to steer clear of full length footless tights preferring capri length ones instead. The best place for these is Tabio but this photograph has chipped away at me along with weather which is wet but not overly chilly enough to slip back into opaques just yet. I spied a pair lovely black velvet touch opaque footless tights in M&S recently but prevaricated for a full 10mins as they were £10, but they were a beautiful rich black and very soft. I gave in only to discover they were half price! Then wished I'd bought 2 pairs which would have negated the reduction really. They are on and feel wonderful and I wish I had indulged sooner.

Gallery owner Maureen Paley is a big fan of black so as not to detract from the work in her gallery. What I really love is the touch of acid yellow via her underslip an idea I would try if I could find said underslip for less the £100! It was from Vionett in Paris. I do love an acidic splash of colour though.

I took this photograph last year and love the way her silhouette contrasts with the orange. one more week to go.

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materfamilias said...

You've had some serious shopping successes lately! That bag looks so practical, yet sharp as well. Good stuff. And I love those hits of colour, the acid yellow especially, which I can't wear but could this way. . .