Friday, 8 October 2010

Something for the weekend

Well maybe in a few weekends time, these genius platinum Irving Penn prints will be on show at the Pace MacGill Gallery in New York from 23rd October. If I win this weeks roll over euro lottery I will fly first class to see them myself. Some wonderful images of stylist Manon Gigoux's work found here

and with the rest of my winnings I will buy a beautiful regency town house and fill it with furniture from Mint please click onto this link it is my most favourite home page ever, I could gaze at it for hours!
Then onto Indenfor & Udenfor, quite frankly I would buy up the entire shop, I love the stuff so much.

A more achievable target will be to visit these two exhibitions in a couple of weeks time. First up all my favourite Japanese designers in one space at The Barbican. 30 years of Japanese fashion from 15th October ..sigh
Then across London to the V&A to see Shadow Catchers from 13th October. When I very first began revisiting photography one of my early obsessions was pin hole and photograms. These artists focus on pushing the boundaries of the latter to create such amazingly beautiful and somewhat ethereal images. I have posted my love of Susan Derges before but this work by Adam Fuss look stunning too.
The reality is the same old housework routine plus a house party miles from home. Emin did toy with the idea of getting a cleaner in but I don't think anyone would put up with him for more than an hour. Instead I will chip away at the effortless chaos.
I have achieved very little this week other than a lot of research and gazing longingly at the catwalk images from plus knock off a couple of essays for Kitty. Oh and Daisy got a job, hallelujah, I felt the weight rise off my shoulders at that news. This review is an excellent example of how I see things differently from other. I would very much agree that James Laurenson was superb
Note to self, get on with some work.

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materfamilias said...

Because I have a research leave next term, we're beginning to plan a much earlier trip over the pond than usual, and I'm keeping an eye out for great shows to visit -- so I'll be watching your posts keenly for recommendations . . . these both look great altho' probably will be gone before we're there (and we're not even sure London will make it into the plans).
Our cleaning person just moved away and we're making do without. That's working well for the moment 'cause Paul's taking up the slack, but I do wonder how long that will last. . .