Friday, 1 October 2010

Car crash Hamlet & Take one takes a sabatical

Take one.... didn't last long, I work on the premis that if I'm bored then the post looks turgid and I like my blog to look crisp, clean and occasionally interesting and trust me the take one I had planned is dull dull dull. I have turned into Anna Wintour and am so tired of black I have put it on ice for now, (take one not wearing black)

Instead let me regale you with my mental rant about last nights Hamlet. Seriously not good. Take one melancholic prince and turn him into a restless hoodie with ADHD who has forgotten to take his Ritalin I wanted to cry out " Shut up you miserable spoilt brat" The rest of the cast veered between the dazed and confused mumbling their lines and the cast of The Sweeney raging all the time in mockney, I almost thought I heard Gertrude say "Get ahht a ma pub"

What it needed was:

  • Hamlet to take his Ritalin
  • Half the cast to remember to speak loud enough to be heard at the back
  • The other half of the cast to enunciate without butchering each and every blahddy vowel
  • Editing by 30mins
My sister hated it so much she refused to clap, churlish cow Judging by the standing ovation they received I think we were in a minority on two though. Oh AND did I tell you she is going to New York with her friend WHEN she gets back from Bali. Jealous? Moi?
Hey ho so it's off to a 50th Bday party I go, to wear to which I have bought the most gorgeous dress, If I can I may take a piccy.


materfamilias said...

Too bad about the Hamlet, but please, please, please take a pic of gorgeous dress -- I love to think of someone getting out and about in the glam lane. . .

La Belette Rouge said...

After enduring that Hamlet you deserve to go to NYC too! Yes, pictures please!!!