Monday, 31 January 2011

The view from here

A number of blogger's often cite a wish list, and I too have in the past written a list of wants rather than needs on the premise that if I stick to just my list then somehow my spending will magically be reduced. This of course would negate the curve ball that shops throw at us and it is these off radar items that often give the most pleasure, coming unexpectedly into our wardrobe. I have not written a list for a while but if I had it would have included:
  • Red bag
  • Red stripe top
  • Amber beads
  • Barbour jacket
  • Black loafers
  • Brown brogues
  • Boyfriend jeans

I have had a red bag sized hole in my life since I gave my last one to Daisy, although it was lovely it did not house my cameras too well but was perfect for her Apple Mac, I have searched in vain ever since for another bag, primarily in T K Maxx which has by far the best collection of bags at double figure prices rather than triple. I have visited almost weekly in vain to find one, then on Thursday there it was, serendipity again, I had worked late and decided I had to eat something so detoured to M&S and glancing in T K Maxx's window, there it was, the bag of my dreams. I can spot a Mandarina Duck bag half a mile away, I don't know what it is, but there is something I love about the details they have. This one was beyond perfect, a wonderful tomato red, an external pocket for my travel card, an extended cross shoulder strap, enough space for my Pentax and internal compartments too. It's only negative was black lining,which makes finding anything a nightmare, so I bought it, a hefty 1/3 of it's original price which being leather was triple figures. So here I am ready to rock a cold day up town. with clothes that WOMAP

Although my day was all about the British Museum I did detour to Uniqlo to get some underwear, and there was my wish number two, it was perfect and since they sell boyfriend jeans I really thought all my ships would come in at once, sadly there are more Pandas left in the wild than there are size 32's in Uniqlo which is such a shame since the grey velvet ones above I wear all the time are so lovely, so I know if they could only embrace the chunky monkey market we would look divine.
I did procure the said undies though and the ginkiest skirt you've ever seen. When Leyla saw I had bought a skirt she asked how long it was, I told her it was short, she let out a sigh of relief and proclaimed that mummy's should always wear short skirts, because granny's wear long skirts!! I will now never dare wear long again!

This Image just confirmed my desire for a Barbour, except I will probably go for one in black.

This tourist, although superficially wrapped up was wearing a linen dress, she look amazing, I loved her boots.

Spotted in the British Museum where the lighting challenges any camera, was this lovely bag and coat

The room you can see was amazing, I had not been in it before, it is a Georgian library mixed up with artifacts all brilliantly labelled with narratives describing of their originsand significance, we may have let an empire go but not before taking the best bits!

You may not believe it, but I also found some amber beads, sadly not the real deal but when I post a photograph you will understand why sometimes plastic is good enough.


materfamilias said...

wow! you had a fabulous shopping weekend. That red striped top is perfect; ditto the bag which I'll bet you find becomes a real classic in your wardrobe.

La Belette Rouge said...

My wish is too long to put on the blog;-). It is shocking for me to report that I don't have a red handbag. Not one. Must fix this.
I can't wait to see these faux-amber beads.

badaude said...

definitely with you on the red striped top. I want one too.

ackebea said...