Saturday, 3 September 2011

The view from here

Well yes I am still here, but I have now lost all my reading glasses and so sit typing like a myopic mole, neither attractive or efficient.

I have had two of the crappiest days back at work EVER , we have a new leader who is stamping his will down on our heads leaving me feeling like a branded steer. My migraine started yesterday and shows no sign of abating. ON & ON the paper work comes...
I never did sort out the garden, but I have, on a more positive note purchased a strimmer, plus extra blades for the lawn mower, whilst being locked out last night (long story) so I will be wading through the mire of dog shit this weekend in an effort to locate a lawn. That does not sound quite right, I will of course pick the dog shit up and not try to strim it, the vision of which is not pleasant!
I do have a couple of confessions to keep you going. I escorted Kitty to her place of employment on Tuesday, I had a cunning plan that backfire so perfectly i doubted myself as a mother. The plan was for her to learn an easier route to work, instead of catching a train to London bridge and then getting the tube to bank, I decided her life would be easier if she in fact caught the train straight to cannon Street and then walked the 5 min's to work, thus removing a busy tube journey. STUPID STUPID ME
What I failed to factor in was that she is dyslexic, and a dyslexic reading a fast moving dot matrix sign at the station is in fact not a good idea, so of course the next day she ends up in Charing Cross and has to navigate her way back to London Bridge and was thus 20 min's late for work.
She will in time learn, but for now will stick to what works.
So after dropping her off I went to COS, yes I know I should not but the loss of THAT cardie still burns so I decided in my infinite wisdom that they will surely do that style again and yes my size will be swinging from a hanger. And do you know what? It wasn't, but I spied an orange version and when I broke down and begged them for one in black the sales assistant behind me magically produced one...Oh happy days are here again. Yes, I did buy a jumper and yes, I did buy a stripy top. More on both later, when a) I shake off this monumental headache and b) I go buy some more glasses because the lack of is not helping my headache at all.
Catch up next week bloguettes!

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materfamilias said...

Top-down bullying is no fun in the workplace. Post an unsuccessful strike, mine will be an environment of trying to rebuild some trust between admin & faculty. Not fun at all.
And lucky Kitty, learning all about the joys of the work world. Remember those days when it was exciting to have a new position? She had all my belated sympathy when I thought of her trying to puzzle out those transit instructions, the stress of being late so early in a career. But I imagine she's having huge fun watching all the new styles come in, trying not to spend all her paycheque before it arrives. . .