Sunday, 31 July 2011

Mrs Burnstein Style Icon

Would that I had the budget I too would wear much of Mrs Burnstein's very covetable wardrobe. There is much to learn here, the gist I have, the discipline I lack.
The lesson is focused on well cut trousers then go mad with skimming beautifully patterned tunic tops.
If you go to the full set of images you will see she rocks a tunic dress too.

Those lovely slippers crop up a few times too.

I Spent much of Friday walking across the retail world of London, Kitty was handing out C.V's, I was there for moral support. I have a feeling she will struggle to convince anyone that she is not too young, It will be a frustrating journey to convince someone to give her a chance. Once they do she will be home and dry because she is just the most conscientious and organised girl anyone could hope to employ. So fingers crossed.

So utterly smitten was I with Mrs Burnstein's outfits that when I tripped over 2 pairs of +J Uniqlo trousers reduced from £110 for the two to just £25, I snapped them up. I have a feeling that as I hit the big 50 this trouser tunic combination will be more prevalent. This combined with unique pieces of jewellery could be the way to go, and no better place to shop for that would be the amazing shop I found called Mor, on Ganton Street just off Carnaby Street, there was not one piece I did not covet. It erred on the side of ethnic but each piece was beautifully constructed. There is no web site so I will have to go back and get some photographs.

I am currently holed up in the so called 'room of my own'. Emin has man flu which basically equates to snoring louder than a beached walrus try to mate with an inflatable, this cacophony he combines with a dry hacking cough that perforates my ear drum. He is loving it (sleeping alone not the man flu) and I must confess to not being a little averse to some peace and quiet myself. It is also the only room with a computer hence this somewhat illicit post late at night.

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materfamilias said...

Wow! She's truly fabulous and so inspiring (altho' as you suggest, I can't afford what she inspires). . . thanks for the link to drool over.

And I'm crossing my fingers for Kitty and sending positive vibes into the universe for her, for what it's worth. . . .I was similarly too young-looking to be convincing as a potential employee (long, long, past, those days of looking too young!)