Sunday, 2 September 2007

The view from here

I have just returned from the land of not one, but two Elle magazines. Elle Belgique et Elle Belgie, now that is cool and they are 85% completely different, Elle Belgique wins by a nose and has the best cover, a model no less, whole figure, wearing a Sonia Rykiel grey woolie no less, perfect. Both together cost less than British Vogue. We went to Brussels because Emin fancied some 5 star r+r which we got, as well as a visit to see his cousin who works for the EU. So lots of good food & good company, she is Turkish, speaks fluent English and now perfect French, living with a Frenchman who speaks fluent English as various other languages including Italian! So how inadequate do I feel. It has also become apparent that the new camera is really not very good for reasons too boring to list so I am totally disappointed and will go back to my Sony, cap in hand and pray I can find some rewritable discs for it. I became mildly obsessed by the diverse architecture and as usual spent most of the time dreaming what it would be like to live here, but back home and the harsh reality of work kicks in tomorrow...

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