Thursday, 16 April 2009


This one is HUGE I am not sure I would be brave enough to wear it but as a work of art it is devine, I may hold out for the sale.
This one is called Cyprus and does reflect many of their cultural decorative touches.
The last one is by Chantal Bernsau click on to her website, her jewellery is just fantastic, I want all of it!

Other wonderful necklaces from here
I did not take my beads with me this holiday, but I have been very fired up by the wonderful jewellery from Anthropologie
Some of it is remarkably affordable, but pay day is a long way off so I may get out my beads and start threading. 
Whilst Emin has been in Istanbul he has been staying with our Au Pairs family. Her mother insisted on buying me a gift so I asked for some beads, fingers crossed they will be good.


materfamilias said...

what are those beads made of? Are they painted ceramic? They're stunning!

indigo16 said...

The top one is made of golf ball sized felt I think.
They would be wonderfully light but I have the feeling this is a necklace that would wear you. rather than you wear it!

La Belette Rouge said...

I saw a large strand of felt beads at a store I pass each week and whenever I do I stop and look at it in wonder and then I realize I could not pull it off.